Where You Place Your Tattoo Says Something About You

Have you always wanted to get a tattoo but don’t have time to do so? Well, with tattoo shops open Sunday Melbourne has, you can get inked on a weekend or when you don’t go to work. Sunday may be a rest day for some, but that can be the day you add some colour and art to your body. Tattoos used to be frowned upon, but it has now become a means of expression. Its growing popularity is also supported by various means, including free tattoos that are offered at the comic-con in Sao Paolo as a way to promote the second installment of the film Deadpool. Since Sao Paulo is far from Australia, the Melbourne tattoo shops open Sunday is more than just an alternative.

Ready to get inked?

Before you do, you should think about where you want to place your tattoo. Somewhere less painful, such as the thighs, neck, and the inner side of your wrist, is a good idea. But did you know that a tattoo’s placement tells something about you and your personality and not just the level of braveness of you have?

Your Tattoo Placement and You

Left side

Tattoos on the left side are said to be very meaningful because it is on the same side where the heart is located. At least that’s what an old proverb says. Click here Sacred Monkey Tattoo

However, depending on the kind of tattoo you get, very meaningful can end up looking trashy like a badly-designed floral tattoo. So make sure to have your flower ink done in tattoo shops open Sunday in Melbourne so the meaning doesn’t get dragged down to the gutter.


Left or right, tattoos placed on the forearm says you are tough and strong. If you opt for tough designs, such as a skull, anchor, and guns, then you are someone who is intense and fierce because that is what such designs symbolize.

If the design you choose, however, is a bit on the sweeter and softer side, you would still be perceived as tough but is super sweet on the inside or has a sensitive soul. Taking this route for when you plan to visit tattoo shops open Sunday Melbourne has can help strike a balance of the kind of personality you want to project.

Front of the neck

Getting inked on this part of your body says you couldn’t care less what people think about you, what with your tattoo put on display all the time. It will be the first thing most people will notice about you too unless you always wear a turtleneck.

What’s the point of getting a tattoo at the front of your neck if you don’t intend to show it off anyway?

Behind the ear

Ask staff at tattoo shops open Sunday Melbourne has and they’re likely to tell you that an ink behind the ear is a popular choice.


Well, because it allows a person to say they are tough and a badass without necessarily saying it in the face. It has a similar interpretation as a tattoo at the front of the neck but with a bit of subtlety. After all, such a tattoo can be hidden by hair or behind a collar.

So how do you wish to be perceived as your choice of tattoo placement? Think about it before you visit one of the best tattoo shops open Sunday Melbourne has – Sacred Monkey Tattoo. See more at https://www.sacredmonkeytattoo.com.au/tattoo-shops-open-sunday-melbourne