What to Know Before Investing in TV Ad Syncing

The internet’s reach to consumers is undeniable today whether it’s mobile marketing or video advertising, the medium’s viral power just can’t be stopped. While this is true, you will grow your brand and business in Sydney by learning how to utilize the internet and an allegedly dimming ad medium like television. Digital ads are making huge impacts, but you can also opt for a TV ad sync to reach more potential markets.


tv ad sync
tv ad sync

What is a TV ad sync?

There have been statistical data online that indicate the stepping down of TV as the dominant advertising medium. In 2015, it contributed to the worldwide ad spend at 37%, but before 2017 started, it was predicted that TV will slow down as a global ad medium. In addition, it has been having troubles in holding the consumers’ attention. In the same year, the internet was also foreseen to dominate 12 major markets in mobile.

How can the advertisers adjust to this unstoppable shift? An effective solution for traditional advertisers is to find TV ad sync Sydney has today. TV ad syncing pinpoints the airing time of commercials in television and plays it simultaneously on any device with digital interactive platforms such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers.

What type of consumers are targeted by TV ad sync?

A TV ad sync in Sydney will target mostly two types of potential consumers: the captivated consumers and the absentminded consumers.

The captivated consumers are the ones who are mostly glued to their TVs and more likely to pay attention to commercials. They are also known to get easily interested in a product and search for it in Google or in social networking sites.

Meanwhile, the absentminded ones are those who are known for using another device while watching TV. They are those who open multiple apps while watching a TV show at the same time. This group is more challenging to engage than the other, obviously, that’s why targeting them through TV ad sync is the best solution there is.

Why should I invest in a TV ad sync?

Is it even worth it, considering almost everyone is on the internet today? Why should you still invest Sydney digital solution companies offer?

Targeting the two types of consumers through an effective strategy like TV ad sync will be cost-efficient for brands and advertisers.

For captivated consumers, TV ad sync provides a “shortcut”. It eliminates the effort and time in searching for relevant content because the synced digital ad already provided a link they can explore in one click.

As for the absentminded consumers, the advertisers can now regain their attention through the simultaneous ads playing in their second smart device and their TVs.

Goes without saying, this boosts engagement on multiple platforms for both types of consumers. TV ad syncing services help you reach your potential markets effectively and boost your digital campaigns. Don’t wait until your competitors surpass you.

How do I find this type of service?

There are several notable digital solutions companies in Australia. Particularly, in Sydney, you can try visiting https://www.impulsescreen.com/blog/tv-sync-ad-revolution if you’re interested in Coincidence Marketing services and companies.